AMG boss Criss Waddle has showered praises on Medikal for being the humblest artiste, and servant he has ever worked it.

According to Criss Waddle in a post on Twitter, he is yet to meet anyone who shows as much gratitude as Medikal.

Criss Waddle expatiated that even his family members and friends do not even show appreciation when he does a benevolent act.

Criss Waddle wrote on Twitter: “Till today 29-July-2020 at exactly 2:57pm I can confirm that I still haven’t met anyone that’s as grateful and appreciative as @AmgMedikal, not even my family & friends I grew up with Hundred points symbol”

Medikal was an underground artiste until Criss Waddle decided to invest in his talent and today Medikal has become a household name in Ghana.

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