Black Avenue Music signee Sefa, has revealed that it take a focused and a special Man to manage a Female musician, because its not easy.

She also added that Female musicians can be pampered, when they are down and can’t perform on stages,just as its being done to male acts.

Sefa also said that, although women are sometimes emotional, they are strong in their on ways, Because they go through a lot, So it takes a focused and special man to help them do their job as artists even when they are emotionally down.

The “odo yewu” hitmaker used herself as an example, and this is what she said

“There are times I don’t feel like playing some shows, but my manager always make sure I do it,I’m a woman, what you don’t no is that women are emotionally strong that Men”

She revealed this when speaking to Nana Ama Mcbrown on United Showbiz on UTV

Watch video below

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