The leadership of the Independent Presidential Movement IPM, and Ghana Diasporan Movement GDM, is calling on the Nana Akufo-Addo led administration to immediately take steps in opening our borders as they continue to put in place restrictive measures to control the spike in COVID -19 cases. It is about time a national discourse is made on strategic measures to be taken as we open our borders.

As a Nation, we cannot continue to live in anxiety and allow the impact of COVID 19 – to incessantly have a toll on us. We need to recover from the shocks and allow life to move on by forging ahead with a National agenda that will safely help in easing the restrictions on our borders. We should contemplate opening our borders soon.

The IPM/GDM strongly believe that Government’s attempt to evacuate stranded Ghanaians abroad is obviously a subtle attempt to evacuate party loyalist to the neglect of the majority of Ghanaians dotted worldwide. We cannot allow this mischievous act to fester on. Open the borders and allow Ghanaians to come home.

Government should show us proofs concerning arrangements made so far with other States to evacuate stranded Ghanaians in the diaspora and ensure that all in the diaspora get the chance to register to vote in the upcoming elections . Ghanaians need to know how diasporans will get the chance to register if it becomes necessary.

We hereby with this communique propose that Government opens our borders whiles ensuring compliance of the following safety protocols:

1. No non- essential travels outside or into Ghana. A diplomat or Government officials travelling out or coming in to do essential services should be allowed in as they go through appropriate checks and testing . A Ghanaian returnee travelling back to their primary residence should be allowed in as they go through appropriate inspection procedures and testing to ensure their safety.

2. Respect social distancing rules of 1 metre ( 3 feets)

3. The police should should enforce compliance of wearing facemask.

4. Ensure that the public gathering of not more than 100 are adhered to.

5.Explore and use local remedies that have proven to cure covid-19 in Ghana and other African countries.

In furtherance of the above, Government should not compel returnees to be quarantined in an expensive hotel against their choice. This is only a deliberate attempt to discourage many people from returning which is a violation of their right . If Government is still resolute to pursue this direction, then hotel bills should be paid for the returnees.

It is clear the majority of Ghanaians have to suffer for the reckless endeavours of our current administration. Government Officials who had returned from State sponsored trips were never quarantined and there is a possibility of they spreading the covid 19 virus to unsuspecting Ghanaians.

We contend that the rest of us cannot continue to suffer for the irresponsible conduct of State Officials whiles they go about freely with their activities. Open up the borders of Ghana as we continue to observe various safety protocols. Ghana as a model for other African countries to emulate cannot continue to live in fear and panic as COVID -19 lingers on. We implore Government to expedite a cautious effort in opening our borders.

Signed :

Abraham Awuriki Yeboah

(Director of Communications)

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