The former Interior minister and political adviser to President Adama Barrow, Mai Ahmad Fatty, has recently condemned the destroying and burning of yellow facemasks, which was purportedly donated by United Democratic Party (UDP), and thus urges the arrest and prosecution of alleged individuals.

“I watched a very disturbing viral video of a group of misguided youths destroying and burning yellow face masks. I am appalled at the lowest pit at which partisan political fanaticism has descended to. I condemn this irresponsible behaviour and expect all decent persons to be outraged. Good deeds know no colour,” the politician stated.

The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), Mr. Fatty said the marks are life saving gifts meant for desperate communities in-need, while adding that in terms of their utility, it matters not who donated them. He said what matters most at this volatile time is that they could save lives.

“Even if the donation was intended to procure political profit for the donor, the prospect of saving human lives from a disease that threatens human existence far outweighs. Under current exigencies, that is what matters most to me than subjective partisanship.”

He continued that those “misguided youths should be arrested and prosecuted under relevant regulations” for conduct likely to endanger life, and conduct likely to undermine public security.

The former Interior minister reiterated that Covid-19 should not be a political weapon. He urged the National Peoples Party (NPP), on whose behalf the dastardly conduct was purportedly undertaken, to openly disown and condemn this unacceptable behaviour.

“This isn’t conduct targeted at GMC but we should all defend the truth, regardless of whose ox is gored.”

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