Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, the leader of Citizens Alliance Party (CA) has opined that the government from the onset, “disastrously” failed to tackle the virus despite a head start and so much goodwill. He added that there was a lack of a clear and comprehensive strategy to respond to the pandemic, thus calling for unity against the deadly virus.

“The quarantine process is not well planned and fraught with weaknesses. If there was any response, it was politicised. Alarm bells were raised when the newly appointed COVID-19 coordinator resigned. For a government and a responsible foresighted leadership in waiting, we cannot sit and turn a blind eye to a failure in the current leadership whilst Gambians die,” the party said in a release dispatch.

“Citizens Alliance on April 23rd of this year called for a press conference, where we expressed our heartfelt sorrow and disappointment towards the Government’s handling of a common enemy, known as COVID-19. Today that concern is one of our realities, a reality that is evident by an unprecedented surge in cases and number of reported deaths.”

Gambians, the party said, are responsible people, but that responsible behaviour can only be led and guided by a well committed and a know-how leadership. “Anything less of a leadership that knows how to navigate the dire circumstances we are peddling in, would only lead to more deaths.”

According to CA Party, like the rest of the World, COVID 19 has been and still remains public enemy number one in The Gambia. It has derailed our plans and day-to-day functions and, in its path, has further exacerbated our already fragile healthcare system, economy and society as a whole.”