Disqualified 2019 Ghana Football Association [GFA] presidential candidate, Mr Wilfred Osei Kweku Palmer has reiterated that football would have returned if he was the president of the FA.

Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the 2019/20 football in the West African country came to a standstill in mid-March but was subsequently truncated on June 30 by the Executive Council after a meeting.

With the 2020/21 football season scheduled for October, Mr Osei Palmer says the situation would have been different if he was the president of the FA.

“The Ghana Premier League would have been resumed if I were the GFA President,” he told Accra-based Angel FM.

“I would have given a comprehensive proposal to the government to be convinced on why football must resume,” he stressed.

He also insisted that the proposal sent to government for the resumption of football was empty.

The hierarchy of the FA wrote to government to resume football with preventive measures but the FA proposal was not accepted by government.

“The proposal the GFA sent to the government to ease restrictions to allow the return of football was empty.

“The FA must be glad the proposal was not even looked at.

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