ADDIS ABABA- The splendor and leisure activities at the newly completed tourism attraction sites in Addis that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated are game changers in increasing the number of tourist nights in the capital, Tour and Travel Agencies told The Ethiopian Herald.

Tourists conclude their visits in a day and most has been using the capital at just transit point, but the new destinations have surely opened a new chapter for tourists to stay for more nights in Addis, said Tour Operation Manager at Walk In Ethiopia Tour and Travel, Gahsaw Mehret.

At least tourists can stay for nights visiting and enjoying at the awe-inspiring sites, according to him. The projects are blessings to the city, he added.

For his part, Managing Director of Zelalem Tour and Travel Ethiopia, Zelalem Merawi told The Ethiopian Herald that these new parks are unique in that they offer varieties ranging from sports game, sight-seeing, accommodation, to natural, historical, cultural and traditional attractions.

According to Zelalem, though Ethiopia has a lot of natural, historical and cultural tourist destinations across the country, there were no recreational centers with additional values other than in the capital Addis Ababa. He also seconded the argument of Getachew as he said that tourists’ visit the capital’s attractions within a day.

But the new destinations may make tourists to stay four-five nights on average. The development feats significantly increase tourists’ inflow to Addis Ababa, Zelalem said.

General Manager of Aman Ethiopia Tour and Travel, Amanuel Assefa, for his part, said that the new parks are new gifts for Ethiopian tourism industry. Amanuel added that there were no tourists’ spots other than museums or historical places in Addis Ababa to increase tourists’ night.

Amanuel described the new parks as ‘new gifts and blessings’ to the sector in general and to those engaged in tourism business in particular. With modern facility and unique values, the new parks are helpful in extending tourists’ duration and maximizing tourists’ satisfaction.

Zelalem argued that currently due to COVID-19 the sector has faced serious challenges and experts engaged in the sector are having tough times, he said, adding that Ethiopia needs strong preparations and those engaged in the sector should keep on widening their facilities.

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