For the last five months, Ethiopia has been on partial lockdown aimed at stemming COVID-19. Appreciably, the country has so far succeeded in enlarging national COVID-19 testing and quarantine centers.

In the first days of the coronavirus outbreak, the country used to send blood samples of COVID-19 suspects to South Africa for testing as there was not a single lab test center for diagnosing such global pandemic at that time .But, now it has over 40 testing centers in which all have the capacity to carry out 15,000 COVID-19 tests per day. That is why the nation has recently launched one- month long testing for this deadly virus and so 400,000 people would be tested for COVID-19 in the stated period.

In fact, this community -based test and public mobilization will surly determine the next steps of the government in the forthcoming New Ethiopian year.

As usual, active public participation is so crucial to realize the goals of the movement and to know the status of the virus in the country.

Apparently, Ethiopia has done commendable jobs in reducing the infection rate of COVID-19 as it has effectively implemented coronaviruses response in a timely manner. However, the daily infection rate is increasing from time to time due to various reasons. The country has so far conducted nearly a half million medical tests and has over 22,000 confirmed cases as well as above 12,000 recoveries.

In the efforts of containing the virus, schools, social gatherings and various activities that would expose the public to COVID-19 have been put on hold until further notice. Therefore, the ongoing campaign would for sure help the decision makers in terms of easing or tightening the restrictions in the near future

Moreover, the campaign is a determinant factor in ensuring safety reopening of the country via implementing gradual lifting of the restrictions as a whole. Those who are working in partner with Ethiopian government have to be thanked for their continued support donation of diagnostic testing kits for COVID-19 as the support would play due role in realizing safety reopening sooner than later.

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