Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed displayed in a documentary his major projects incorporated under Sheger beautifying project, almost all completed in less than a year, unknown to the country.

Through the documentary film channelled in 12 TV broadcasters at the same time on Friday night, Dr. Abiy took the opportunity to instil his philosophy of ‘medemer’ and to inspire the nation to think broadly and strive for achievements.

Among the things he displayed in the documentary were completely new: a large sum of antiques used by former kings, including expensive old cars and elaborate office and home furniture and utensils. More than 200 old cars, each worth millions of USD if sold and house hold materials made of gold and other precious materials have been displayed, promising to attract the world tourists and earn the much needed foreign currency.

Earlier in the day, in a fund-raising diner program, Abiy congratulated and thanked those who supported the nation in the execution of the projects.

“It takes a daring few to reach a tipping point in achieving a desired positive result. The brave few that take a leap of faith without a guarantee of the outcome. As we witness the face of our capital transforming, my deepest gratitude to the daring few who contributed their money, those who gave their time and energy. As these initiatives move to the regions, I invite others to join the growing circle of the ‘daring few’,” Abiy posted on his Facebook page.

“As the next phase of initiating similar projects in other parts of the country kicks off, learn more about the vision of unpacking Ethiopia’s existing assets for to draw forth its inevitable prosperity,” he added.

Gratitude to the bold and courageous who have been a part of manifesting dreams to reality, Abiy stressed.

The reaction to the documentary was by in large positive; while some tried to undermine it referring to the current political situation.

Yonatan Yared admired it by just tweeting, “It’s marvellous! All respect and gratitude. As a marketer I was always thought that a country’s salesperson is the Prime Minister but today showed me he is more than that. He is the Brand Manager of our Ethiopia. He just delivered in a big way!”

Mule T. said that it is absolutely beautiful and he can’t wait to visit those places while Abrish advised: “It’s good job. But, when compared to country issues it’s very small. I preferred that government should focus on modern agriculture and food sustainability, and manufacturing industries. Our people daily work for food and only for food. Thank you for what you performed.”

Hermela Brook admired Abiy as himself was one of the “few daring” using Abiy’s expression. Similarly, Anteneh M.W admired him for his “effort and patience is beyond words!”

For Nebilo, the achievements may have far-reaching effects. “Inspirational. The little things u put on the right spot, may change the whole picture.”

Dawit Abebaw, in his reply to Abiy Ahmed Ali tweet, asked for more. “I’d like you to know that we are so grateful and appreciative for you/and your administration for those marvellous works. We want to see more of the same here in Addis and in all over Ethiopia when conditions allow.”

Ailon Haileyesus admired Abiy for his courage: “Sometimes risks are worth taking! Thank you for your dedication and leadership, PM Abiy.”

Assima Abdulahi for her part admired him by saying: “You bring the best in us. Your decision is amazing. Instead of stopping your destination and throw stones at every dog that barks, you continued to fulfil your ‘medemer’ Philosophy.”

Biruk Moges said for his part, “Whatever is conceived by man’s mind, believed with determination and hard work it can definitely be achieved. Thank you for showing us that the starting point of all achievement is desire. I really appreciate your dedication, positivity and hard work.”

For Mulugeta Naol admired the project as “it shows our project management skill is on rise.”

Dawud S. tweeted “Without a doubt, you are on the right track! I couldn’t believe my eyes on the number of antique cars, rvs (recreational vehicles), railroad cars etc stashed in a palace warehouse!”

Aster Zewde said, “Never imagined Addis would be transformed in such a short time into this beautiful new flower “Addis Ababa”: capital city of Ethiopia and the heart of Africa.”

Dawit Sahel admired the PM by those words: “The origin of such a beautiful and successful work stems from patriotism and a vision for the future.”