The National Organizer for the opposition National Democratic Congress, Joshua Hamidu Akamba is urging Ghanaians not to support the Political party that banned them from importing accident vehicles into the country in the upcoming 2020 General Election.

It would be recalled that the Government of Ghana under the leadership of President Nana Akufo Addo passed a law that banned the importation of Salvage Vehicles and cars recently.

Speaking to a group of Taxi and Trotro drivers in a video that went viral on the social media, NDC’s Joshua Hamidu Akamba urged the group to Vote out the current NPP Government that made a law which bans the importation of Salvage and Used Vehicles that they use in their Trotro and taxi businesses for their daily bread.

Mr. Joshua Hamidu Akamba said;

How many people can afford a brand new car for a Trotro in the taxi business and how much sales will the driver make at this time that Bawumia is only seen mounting platforms for comedy whilst he leaves the real Economics Job unattended to?

The Government led by Nana Addo is just deliberately bringing hardship to the people of Ghana whilst he made his friends and families Rich forever So please don’t go and make a mistake by voting for this heartless Government that says you cannot import used cars again meanwhile, these are the cars that you the ‘Trotro’ and taxi drivers are using for survival and payments of taxes.

Joshua Hamidu Akamba urged and appealed to masses, the taxi and Trotro drivers to vote for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to bring positive change into the country.

He said; “vote for the NDC to come to power and transform the country and if we come to power and you don’t see such positive changes, everywhere you see me, hoot at me.”

The NDC’s National Organizer who will be in Akatsi south Constituency on Tuesday together with the Leader and flagbearer of the NDC urged party supporters, Constituency Executives, Branch Executives, and floating Voters to be very committed to the Rescue Mission agenda outdoors by the NDC to save this country from the Heartless NPP Government.

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