On 30th July 2020, the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council dismissed a complaint of Misconduct brought against Lawyer Charles Zwennes by Lawyer Phillip Addison.

The Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council upon hearing the complaint laid before it said that it found no evidence whatsoever of misconduct on the part of Lawyer Charles Zwennes in an ongoing case of Merlin Gaming Ghana Limited which is currently pending before the High Court and therefore threw out the complaint of Lawyer Phillip Addison which had called for Lawyer Zwennes to be sanctioned by the Committee.

In its view, the matters giving rise to the complaint lodged by Lawyer Addison against his colleague were matters before the High Court in a hotly contested litigation, which did not show or disclose any acts of misconduct, and which therefore did not fall within their domain, or call for any sanctions to be imposed on Lawyer Charles Zwennes.

In an earlier report made on 19th June 2020, our reportage of pronouncements made by the Supreme Court failed to accurately report that the opinion of the Court considered Lawyer Charles Zwennes’ representation of certain parties in the case improper and unethical, and did not (as our report misleadingly suggested), that any conduct on his part per se, was unethical.

In a related development, that action before the Supreme Court which was brought by Lawyer Phillip Addison as the Applicant to have the action involving Merlin before the High Court quashed was refused and dismissed.

Mr. Addison was therefore directed by the Supreme Court on 30th July 2020 to return to the High Court and participate in those proceedings where he has been sued for falsely holding himself out as the Company Secretary without having been duly appointed as such.

Mr. Addison continues to be restrained from holding himself out as Company Secretary of Merlin Gaming Ghana Limited or from operating its bank accounts in that capacity until the final determination of that suit.

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