Ghanaian Comedian Ajeezay has called out his fellow comedians, Warris and Foster Romanus, for what he describes as fake behavior on their part.

In an interview on Joy Prime’s Morning show, outspoken comedian Ajeezay told hosts Jay Foley and Emefa Adeti that he is distancing himself from some individuals in the comedy industry and named Comedian Warris and Romanus as two such individuals.

“Comedian Warris! That guy is so fake” said Ajeezay. “In fact, Warris is so fake. I was there when Warris was auditioned to be a Stand-up Comedian. When the wave started, he went to social media to say good things about me [at the time]”.

According to Ajeezay, Warris’s support and respect for him was short-lived. Foster Romanus, likewise, has sidelined him and refused to support him.

“The hate is internal; there’s this hatred amongst my own colleagues, so the fraternity is not really celebrated because of that” he said.

“I dropped a video a couple of months ago and I called my brother Foster Romanus who has a show on UTV, the Late Nite show, and I told him that I want to come promote the video on the show because I see you putting my colleagues on. Foster told me that he will talk to his producers and I said okay. Till now Foster hasn’t finished talking to his producers, just to put my video on his show. And Foster is my brother, somebody I play free shows for”.

Nicknamed “The non-fa King”, Ajeezay has been doing comedy for several years and played a role in the growth of other upcoming comedic acts.

Prime Morning airs on Joy Prime from Mondays to Fridays at 6 am.

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