Gaborone — The Presidential COVID-19 Task Force informs the nation the new positive COVID-19 cases that have been identified in Mogoditshane, Oodi, Good Hope and Gaborone respectively.

A media release from the Task Force says in respect of the Mogoditshane case, a patient who was seen at Bokamoso Private Hospital tested positive for COVID-19.

It states that ongoing contact tracing has so far identified 11 people who have since tested positive for COVID-19 in Mogoditshane.

“Ten of them are students while one is an acquaintance to one of the students. The rest are awaiting their results,” says the media release.

The release explains that all those traced are in quarantine as contact tracing continues while the source or origin of the current school outbreak is still under investigation. “In Oodi, there are two confirmed cases of COVID-19, being an adult male and his wife. In this instance a Motswana who transported goods from a neighbouring country did not enter quarantine as required by the COVID-19 regulations,” the release says.

The two, according to the release, reported flu-like symptoms on July 15 and 18 respectively and subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing in the Oodi case is ongoing and has led to an initial 14 contacts that are in quarantine.

The media release also says other positive cases reported are one from Good Hope, being a citizen of Botswana who illegally crossed the border.

In respect of the Gaborone case, the release says a Motswana adult male with no travel history was diagnosed with COVID-19 at Gaborone Private Hospital on Tuesday.

The release also says the latest positive results mean that the country is likely to experience a surge in local COVID-19 cases, therefore the public is urged to leave their homes only when it is absolutely necessary.

The public is urged to continue being vigilant by practising applicable COVID-19 protocols such as using sanitisers, washing hands with water and soap, wearing masks, registering at service points and practicing social distancing.

<i>Source : BOPA</i>

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