Gaborone — The Ministry of Health and Wellness has engaged over 400 contact tracers to augment the greater Gaborone District Health Management Team (DHMT) in the fight against COVID-19.

Speaking during training in Gaborone on Thursday, community health services advisor from the ministry, Mr Samuel Kolane, said contact tracers would come handy because more cases werebeing identified.

He explained that the 145 contact tracers that were undergoing training on that day would be working with the 275 that had already been trained.

“After training, the contact tracers will be offered temporary employment for three months and that will be reliant on the condition of the COVID-19 cases registered,” he said.

Mr Kolane said the tracers were hired in three categories being certificate, diploma and degree holders and they were all taken from a database.

Certificate holders would be at B3/B2 salary scales, diploma at C4/C3 whereas those with degrees would be at C3 scale.

He also pointed out that among the tracers, some had done counselling and social work, adding thatt they were engaged looking at need for the provision of psychosocial support services.

Mr Kolane said psychosocial support services had been provided by a team of 42 of psychosocial providers from the ministry of health in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, hence the need to increase the team.

“There has been an increase in children affected by COVID-19 who need special care. They need to be counselled and given all the necessary assistance for them to be able to cope,” he said.

Mr Kolane further emphasised that the office would ensure that when the contact tracers go into the field, they would be adequately protected with the appropriate gear to minimise the possibility of the infection.

He urged them to work hard with dedication, perseverance, patience and selflessness because the exercise was very delicate. BOPA

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