Veteran filmmaker Mr George Bosompem has blamed the current state of the Ghana creative arts space on the recent media system.

According to him, media houses in Ghana prefer laying emphasis on trending issues which have no significant impact on the arts sector.

Speaking to Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua TV last week, the veteran filmmaker stated that the media’s focus on trending issues pertaining to slay queens, individuals with short term trends and celebrities feuding each other has placed the arts sector in jeopardy.

“You media houses can be blamed for the current predicament of the Ghanaian creative arts sector. You only pay attention to half-naked women who have nothing better to offer the industry than to trend,

Should you all lay your emphasis on the state of the arts industry, trust me we will have the various institutions aligning to that positive change we want and dream of,” he stated.

On the show with him was veteran music producer Fred Kyei Mensah who revealed that there were possibilities of the fact that regulators of the Ghana Film Authority still had ownership over most of the abandoned once vibrant cinema centres in the country.

He revealed that Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah secured long lease terms for some of the abandoned cinemas now turned into churches or individual private facilities.

Popularly known as Fredyma, Mr. Fred Kyei Mensah tasked the current Ghana Film Authority board to see to it that these cinema facilities were revived and put into good use.

Currently, there has been a long hiatus in the frequent release of Ghanaian movies as a result of the extinction of CD and cassette systems.

This has led to several calls from movie lovers, entertainment pundits, movie makers and pressure groups like FOCAP to the film authority regulators to revive the cinema system to help uplift the Ghanaian movie fraternity.

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