L. Chris Stewart, the attorney for Rayshard Brooks’ family, including his four children, said on Saturday evening that the officers involved in shooting the 27-year-old black man had other options when trying to apprehend him. 

In one video, Brooks is seen pointing a taser towards the police officers, before he was shot. Stewart said witnesses reported that the officers didn’t perform a sobriety test when they approached Brooks at the Wendy’s restaurant where he was killed. 

“In Georgia, a taser is not a deadly weapon,” Stewart said during a press conference. “Before we hear from their lawyers, who are going to say the same thing they always say, you cannot have it both ways.”

Stewart and his legal partner, Justin Miller, emphasized that the police use tasers because they aren’t considered deadly. 

“If the officer had been a bit more empathetic and a bit less scared, we probably wouldn’t have a dead client,” Miller said.

He went on to say that if an officer is scared, he probably shouldn’t be on the force.  

Stewart and Miller both said that the training for police officers needs to change. 

When talking about what outcome he’d like to see with the investigation, Stewart said: “I don’t know what justice is anymore.”

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