Mr. Osei Assibey-Antwi, the Mayor of Kumasi, has entreated the management of basic schools in the metropolis to embrace the virtual classroom model and adopt it as an effective learning platform in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

This model, he said, had become the most effective educational platform underpinning teaching and learning as the society dealt with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For over three months now, Ghanaian basic schools have remained closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which had seen the country recording 12,193 confirmed cases and 58 deaths as of June 16, this year.

Mr. Assibey-Antwi, who was interacting with the heads of basic schools at Manhyia sub-metro in Kumasi, observed that classroom work was becoming more difficult and dangerous as the pandemic continued to spread across the country.

He said virtual learning, which explored computer software, the internet, or both to deliver instruction to pupils and students was critical in minimizing the need to share classrooms.

This was required under the present circumstances to reduce the spread of COVID-19, he noted, urging Ghanaian schools to strive to be innovative in order not to create a backlog relating to their academic work.

Mr. Assibey-Antwi, touching on how computers and internet technology were transforming the way pupils and students learn, said there was the need for schools in the country to work harder in staying active.

They should learn to cope with the changing times and take a paradigm shift from the traditional way of doing things for the benefit of the people.


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