Luanda — Angola’s health sector has been strengthened with antiretroviral drugs to assist people living with HIV/AIDS for the next three months.

This was confirmed Monday by the director of National Institute for Fight against AIDS, Lúcia Furtado, while speaking to the press Monday in Luanda.

The official was speaking in reaction to the alleged stock out of the antiretroviral drugs in the country’s health facilities.

She confirmed that the country received 13,000 batches of antiretroviral medicines this month to assist people with HIV/AIDS.

Lúcia Furtado said that batches of medicines started reaching reference hospitals, from where the people with HIV/ AIDS can get them.

The official admitted that four provinces of the country were facing shortage of the antiretroviral drugs – Luanda, Huíla, Benguela and Cuanza Sul.

But she denied allegations that there was ??stock outs in the hospitals, adding that the shortage owed to a delay by the supplier, which had difficulties in production and shipping to Angola due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lúcia Furtado stressed that the purchase process of these drugs started in September 2019.

Angolan health services put at 340,000 the number of HIV positive.

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