Luanda — Almost two months after the entry into force of the Presidential Decree on the Situation of Public Calamity in Angola, several citizens in the province of Luanda remain negligent in relation to preventive measures against Covid-19.

The incorrect use of masks and the lack of physical distancing, mandatory to prevent the spreading of coronavirus, are among the main violations observed in the capital.

Although most citizens wear masks, many still circulate on the public way with their nose and mouth uncovered, especially in peri-urban and peripheral areas.

But, on the contrary, there are thousands of citizens, particularly businessmen, who spare no effort when it comes to prevention against the pandemic of the new millennium.

In the municipality of Kilamba Kiaxi, for example, the sellers of the Golf II Market try at all costs to keep their distance and comply with biosecurity measures.

According to João Paulo, a mobile phone salesman, vendors are aware of the importance of the mandatory use of masks and the need for social distancing.

The taxi loader at the Golf II stop (Rua Pedro Castro Van Dunem “Loy”) Jorge Ngunza says that, despite the floods along this route, during the period from 06h00 to 17h00, they have been careful to alert passengers about biosecurity measures.

Maria Gastão, resident of Vila Estoril and practitioner of physical exercise, says that due to the presence of police and some awareness of residents, the practice of this activity is made in the walkways always obeying the safety rules.

The head of the Kilamba Kiaxi Traffic and Mobility Department, Lorena de Castro, states that the local administration reinforced the security measures, underlining that water containers were placed for hand washing.

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