Luanda — At least 2,527 people from a total of 40,484 screened had contact with the Sars-Cov-2 virus in Angola (reactive cases), according to National Director for Public Health

Speaking at usual covid-19 data update press conference on Thursday, Helga Freitas said 6.2 out of 100 individuals are exposed to Covid-19 in the country.

She said that the samples of the reactive cases are being forwarded to the laboratories to be confirmed or ruled out through the RT-PCR method.

The results from the rapid tests are provisional and should be confirmed or discarded by the RT-PCR molecular biology exam which is the most indicated to diagnosis the Covid-19, according to the health official.

The rapid testing campaign under way since last July is intended to assess the real situation of the virus circulation into the communities, mainly in Luanda province, which records the bulk of those infected.

In addition to the rapid test, the molecular biology laboratories, through the RT-PCR method, have processed a total of 27,297 samples, from which 1,483 were positive and 25,814 negatives.

However, with the confirmation of the new recorded cases of 88 infected, 14 recovered and two deaths reported in the latest 24 hours, the country has a total of 1,483 positive cases, 64 deaths, 520 recovered and 899 actives.

From the total of actives, two of them are in critical condition, 18 in serious condition, 25 in modest condition and four with mild symptoms and 850 asymptomatic.

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