Saurimo — The eastern Lunda Sul province recorded on Thursday two reactive cases IGM of COVID-19 following 14 rapid serological tests conducted to citizens who violated the Luanda sanitary cordon imposed to the province.

Speaking to the press, the deputy coordinator of the Provincial Commission for the Response Against Covid-19 in Lunda Sul, Viegas de Almeida, said the reactive citizens have already been isolated at the Mulombe Treatment Centre, pending on the confirmation of the test.

He also explained that within 72 hours samples will be collected to be sent to Luanda for confirmation at the laboratory.

Viegas Almeida explained that since the serological testing in Lunda Sul has begun, more than 200 people, including truckers, violators of the sanitary cordon and patients with respiratory syndrome conducted tests, whose results were of three reactive (IGM).

Viegas de Almeida called on the people of Lunda Sul to continue strictly comply with biosecurity measures, frequently washing their hands with soap and water and wearing their facial masks correctly to prevent the spread of the disease.

To date, only four people in Lunda Sul are in home quarantine for breaking the sanitary cordon.

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