Cuito — The Provincial Intersectoral Commission for the Prevention and Combat of Covid-19 in Bié announced the lifting of the health cordon in the area of Capunda/Capeio (Cunhinga) on Monday, after 14 days had elapsed since the limitation of circulation in this locality took place.

The fact was revealed by the spokesman of the aforementioned commission and director of the Provincial Health Office, João Campos, when updating on the pandemic for the last 24 hours in Bié province, noting that during that period, “in the tests conducted in that community there was no case reactive to IGM.

According to the official, during the 14 days of sanitary cordon, there were two cases of IGG, which do not represent any danger at community level, because it means that the individual had contact with the virus, but the immune system resisted and was eliminated from the body.

In Ngango, the sanitary cordon is still in place and only after 14 days has elapsed can a decision be made.

On the other hand, Bié has reported that two active cases are still present, and 509 serological tests have been performed, of which 30 IGG and 34 IGM.

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