Benguela — The regional molecular virology laboratory, located in Benguela General Hospital, started on Thursday, to perform the first tests for diagnosis of Sars cov2, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to the press, the coordinator of the molecular virology laboratories of Luanda and Benguela, Cristóvão Domingos, said the laboratory will work with six senior technicians and has the capacity to test 279 samples per day for the diagnosis of the Sars cov2.

If there is a need to increase the testing, the team can be divided into two to work 24 hours to raise the tests to about 500 samples per day, the coordinator said.

Domingos explained that the laboratory will work alternatively on the diagnosis of Covid-19 and also on viral load testing of HIV patients who are on antiretroviral therapy treatment as well as for early diagnosis in children born from HIV-positive mothers.

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