Cabinda — Seventy-two Angolan citizens who had been stranded in the Republic of the Congo returned last Saturday to the country’s northen Cabinda province, through Massabi road at border with the Point Noir.

Of that number, which included 19 Luanda residents and three from northern Zaire province, 11 were reactive to the covid-19 test, of whom one showed IGM and ten IGG results.

The provincial coordinator for the contingency commission to fight Covid-19 in Cabinda, Miguel de Oliveira, who praised the work performed at the Massabi border, said that those with positive IGM were forwarded to the health centre for treatment in Cabinda city.

Contacts are in progress among the Covid-19 provincial commissions to allow Luanda and Zaire residents to return to their respective areas, said Miguel de Oliveira.

The local authorities received 51 citizens from Democratic Republic of Congo.

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