You can’t have Africa Free Trade and not have a politically stable continent, which is why it was important for South Africa to ensure it got support for Kenya at the Security Council.

The United Nations Security Council elections are always highly contested and a lot of lobbying happens behind the scenes. Making deals between countries to secure a seat as a non-permanent member is never easy. You have to field your best diplomats to lobby other countries in support of the position of your country. This time around, Africa was divided over the bids by Kenya and Djibouti, despite the African Union position in support of Kenya.

In the first round of voting both Kenya and Djibouti did not reach the required threshold to get a seat, which meant there needed to be a rerun, as Kenya got 113 votes and Djibouti split the votes by getting 78 votes. This election continues to show the divisions in the African continent.

At the same time, the debate on deeper reforms at the United Nation Security Council, including giving more countries a permanent seat, with veto powers, is still ongoing.

South Africa will remain as one of the non-permanent members for…

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