Africa’s path through and beyond the Covid-19 crisis will be determined to a large extent by the actions that all social partners take in the next few weeks. The virus confronts the continent with an imperative to begin looking ahead and repurposing, reimagining and reopening African societies, business, developmental institutions and government.

The vaccine roll-out was always a race. The country that achieves herd immunity first will reap global tourism’s pent-up demand. It is a sorry state that Africa is reduced to a begging continent, unable to procure vaccines for its own people, depending once again on the goodwill of the world’s aid and not trade.

The effects of the pandemic have proven to be devastating to both the production and demand sides of the economy. The decline in GDP growth has been largely due to the marked slowdown in economic activity coupled with widespread disruptions in international, regional and domestic supply chains. Saving lives and preserving livelihoods was always going to be a monumental task.

Africa is not poor, just poorly managed. Though Africa is rich in resources, the continent and its people have been exploited for decades. Yes, several countries of Africa are among the poorest in the…

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