The celebrations were hardly over when the ‘legitimacy’ of Kamala Harris being American enough to run for the land’s highest office was called into question. Another hot topic was whether she could be called African American.

South Africans will not be surprised to hear that the announcement of a biracial woman as running mate to the potential next president of the US was met with questions as to the exact nature of her racial identity and background. While the US media was focussed on Kamala Harris’s achievements, many ordinary Americans were either celebrating or questioning her racial and cultural heritage.

Kamala Devi Harris may just have become the most famous “blindian” in history after being named as the vice presidential running mate to Joe Biden on 11 August 2020. Yes, that is a word – blindian. Like blasian. Black plus Indian equals blindian. Black plus Asian equals blasian. If you don’t have an urban dictionary handy, google #blindian and you will find a plethora of tweets, (most recently about Harris), referencing people of black and Indian descent.

Harris was born on 24 October 1964 in Oakland, California, to immigrant parents who had come to America to further their respective educations….

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