South Africans need to confront their fears, bite the bullet and try something different. What is there to lose?

When the country made the transition to a democratic dispensation in 1994, South Africans had high hopes for a better life as promised by the ANC. Many South Africans, black people in particular, had endured years of suffering, discrimination and economic exclusion under the apartheid government. But since 1994, we have watched the ANC crush those dreams.

Today, more South Africans, particularly black people, are excluded from the mainstream economy and are poorer and more marginalised. The dream of a better life has become a nightmare because leaders of this ANC government have turned their backs on their people, looting state resources for their own benefit and those close to them. Only 28% of eligible voters and 38% of registered voters voted for the ANC in 2019, it is not impossible to vote them out.

South Africans have given this government more than 26 years of their trust, only to be repeatedly disappointed by leadership that has destroyed our economy through corruption and incompetence. People are always reminded about houses, electricity, water, etc that this government has provided them, as if…

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