Washington, DC — Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) cannot be silent on the racial injustice surrounding the death of George Floyd and so many others before him. We condemn such violence and the racism and inequality in America that has affected African Americans throughout this nation’s history.

We welcome and support the response – the grass roots protests including people of all races, young and old, across the U.S. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has sparked an historic turning point in America. CCA also welcomes the marches around the world calling for social justice and equality in America.   We are especially touched by the voices ringing loud in Africa – expressing their outrage and saying that they cannot remain silent.

CCA joins our voices with theirs. Africa has a unique and historic link that no other region of the world shares with America and its African American citizens. It is not lost on us that the racism and systemic violence that led to Africans ending up in the Americas is the same that, sadly, underlies what all too often still happens to African Americans today hundreds of years later.

CCA recognizes the unprecedented response to the death of George Floyd as an historic moment of truth here in the U.S. We must examine ourselves deeply, launch a new dialogue as well as take concrete steps to address racism and its impact on African Americans and shape a better America – one that ensures equal rights and opportunities for all of our citizens. Perhaps it is also a moment of truth and opportunity in how the U.S. looks at and engages with Africa – a land of incredible beauty, resources, people, and possibilities. CCA has throughout its 27 years been championing trade and business between the U.S. and Africa.