– 1st female African Olympic gold medalist Derartu in the list

ADDIS ABABA – Empress Taytu Betul, a legendry Ethiopian woman who had been a military strategist and army top brass in the fight against the Italian aggression at the battle of Adwa was celebrated by the African Union.

In connection with the African Women’s Day marked on 31st July/2020, the bloc brought African and black females to spotlight.

In its official site, the AU remarked that, “the Empress of Ethiopia together with her husband Emperor Menelik II led the army to [the] battle at Adwa where they won one of the most important victories of any African army against European colonialist aggression.”

The continental bloc also celebrated Col. Athlete Derartu Tulu, the 1st female runner to win Olympic gold medal.

The bloc also celebrated and recognized a number of African women and black females whose contributions are still unrivaled.

Among the list of women included are: Marie Van Brittan Brown “the 1st person to develop a patent for closed circuit television security which became the foundation for the closed circuit television systems CCTV [that has been used everywhere];” and Oprah Winfrey for “Redefining media as the 1st Black Woman to host a national TV talk show in the USA, Entrepreneur Philanthropist supporting Leadership Academy for Girls based in South Africa.”

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